Our Services

Full and Protective Ship Agency

We provide full ship agency services,  Owners Protective Agency (OPA) and Charterers Protective Agency (CPA), ensuring a follow-up on a 24 hours basis.


We provide brokerage services for Bitumen  trading.

Crew Changes


We provide/arrange: 
- Crew change services in all Mediterranean ports. 
- Visa on arrival.
- Transportation. 
- Hotel accommodation. 
- Assistance to the crew from arrival to embarkment on board and from board to airport.


We can assist you with all your bunkering needs providing you with the best prices in the Mediterranean.

Provisions and Husbandary Services

Med-Sea Shipping can arrange for provisions supply and all other husbandary services.

Hub Solutions

Med-Sea Shipping can handle all your port call management, port cost checking, and disbursement accounts management.